Africa, the richest continent in the world.

When asked which is the richest continent in the world, my first thought will go to North America, Europe, Asia… Certainly not to Africa. And that is where I would be mistaken, as many of us, according to Mallence Bart Williams whose TEDx talk is very inspiring. She is reminding us of some truth that we tend to forget. Time to take action, Africa! And by “Africa” I mean everyone of us, as I strongly believe in the power of a few drops of water coming together to ultimately form a river!


2 thoughts on “Africa, the richest continent in the world.

  1. You are right, Oluwanifemi: given the prevalent poverty, seeing Africa as rich can be sadly laughable. However, I think that viewing ourselves as rich can also be a first step in holding our leaders accountable as there is something to account for!


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