Lemons and lemonade

These last days, life has been throwing lemons at me, and there is no sugar left! How do I make lemonade? I remember when I used to think that I was somehow very special to God, so special that nothing bad will ever happen to me. And I had all the reasons to believe that, … More Lemons and lemonade

Building wealth

I read this startling information the other day, on Yahoo news: Education is not a sure way to overcome poverty as far as African Americans are concerned. According to that article*, in several cases, African American university graduates are not better off than their uneducated peers! I don’t support conspiracy theories against blacks but it … More Building wealth

The day I almost arrived early to an appointment in Lagos

As everybody knows, what best embodies Lagos, is its traffic. I am late because I was stuck in traffic, is like the best excuse ever here, because it is most likely to be true! So living in Surulere, when I have an appointment on the Island, I always plan to leave my house between one hour … More The day I almost arrived early to an appointment in Lagos

Allure Teaching White Women How To Get An Afro

Sorry for this post! I thought I was done speaking about hair, but I couldn’t resist bringing this new controversy to you: apparently,  some African American people deem unacceptable what they call the appropriation of “Afro” hairstyle by white folks. We all have seen Selma (hmmmmm… I haven’t!) and we know the horrific hardship black people … More Allure Teaching White Women How To Get An Afro

On migrants again

When I heard about migrants again this July on the news, I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, because every summer, journalists will come up with a favourite subject that they will toy with like a dog with a bone, until exhaustion. Last year, it was Lampedusa, Italy, which was in the limelight … More On migrants again