On migrants again

When I heard about migrants again this July on the news, I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, because every summer, journalists will come up with a favourite subject that they will toy with like a dog with a bone, until exhaustion. Last year, it was Lampedusa, Italy, which was in the limelight with its new boat people migrants. This year, it is about migrants again, but in Calais, France. So, I thought: same old news, not watching, not interested!

Then, I stumbled upon this video on TV5 Monde, with the little migrant girl, that I shared with you yesterday and I was so shocked! Bewildered at the sight of all these walls that are being erected today in Europe against migrants.

I captured this map on TV5 Monde showing in red the 175 km wall being built between Hungary and Serbia to deter those “invaders”.

Picture culled from TV5 Monde News
Picture culled from TV5 Monde News

In view of the environmental degradation that occurs when this deprived population settles in temporary camps in Europe (see the video at the bottom), I kind of understand the anger some Europeans may feel but as I stated yesterday, part of the blame also lies on the geopolitical choices made by American or European governments (by their deep involvement in half the world conflicts at the moment which triggers those large migration flux).

But the blame game, can carry us back to Adam and Eve and who is to blame for eating that fateful apple, so there is no need to dwell on it, as, ultimately, each one of us is solely responsible for his actions.

Building walls is meaningless, unless you are willing to tackle the main problem, which is (apart from war): African development. If African countries were prosperous, people wouldn’t need to flee to greener pasture.

As long as African countries remain in their poor state, Europe will have to contend with migrants and no walls can prevent it.

The picture that come to my mind when I think of international relations is that of a plane about to crash, America and Europe have adjusted their breathing masks first, as procedure requires, and they are helping their own people adjust theirs, meanwhile African countries leaders are just crying for help, throwing their arms and legs anyhow, left and right, not knowing where to look for their life jackets (they didn’t follow the instructions!), when come the time to jump out of the plane, African Countries leaders cling to America and Europe who has to kick them off because the load is already overwhelming as it is, and really who wants to help a guy who doesn’t know that is life jacket is under his seat? Although, I can’t bet that America and Europe didn’t steal some of those to cater for their own!

Anyway, at the end of the day, nobody will do you any favour. So, African countries, we just need to roll up our sleeves and deal with our problems!

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