What is this?

Picture culled from Reuters'YouTube video
Picture culled from Reuters’YouTube video

A little migrant African girl behind barbed wire near Calais, France?

So, this is what it looks like to be a human being in this Twenty First century?

Erecting walls everywhere against your fellow human brothers?

What is this world we are living in?

You cannot “welcome all the misery in the world”?

But, you can start fires all over the place, in Irak, in Lybia, in Syria?

You can manufacture arms and sell them to both camps?

What is this?

You destroyed my house, my school, my hospital, in the name of democracy.

Now, I have no roof to protect me from the cold or the excruciating sun, no school to send my children to, no food to give my baby.

You have turned me into a wild animal and today I am scratching at your door and you are acting surprised, unconcerned and virtuous?

Shame on you!

And you, empty-headed African heads of states!

You that cling to power at all costs, running for anti-constitutional third term, ruling for more than twenty-five years  with nothing but misery to show for it!

Do you see this African child treated like dirt because of your greed and cluelessness?

Shame on you!

And shame on us, because we are just getting what we deserve, only empty-headed people will tolerate empty-headed nobodies to rule them!

Shame on us!

And shame on me!


3 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. This is a beautiful piece. I love “Shame on us! And shame on me!” accepting the fact everyone is a partaker of the problems in our society. It is a pity that the poor masses share in the disastrous consequences of our past and present leaders action. Hope is the only thing we can hold on to that we may embrace change.


    1. People will sometimes think: this war is legitimate. But the consequences are always the same for the people who doesn’t have a say into such decisions: more suffering.And it is even more disheartening when the “legitimate” war is based on selfish interests.

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      1. This is true…Life is unfair, and this is why we should give a voice to those to voiceless even if it’s through the pen in our hands. Your piece had said it all.


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