My name is Luka

Can you believe that I have been liking this Suzanne Vega’s song since it was released in 1987, and it is only today, 29 years later, that I realize what it is talking about? To my defence, though, English is not my first language and when a song is not written in French, I will … More My name is Luka

Lemons and lemonade

These last days, life has been throwing lemons at me, and there is no sugar left! How do I make lemonade? I remember when I used to think that I was somehow very special to God, so special that nothing bad will ever happen to me. And I had all the reasons to believe that, … More Lemons and lemonade

What is this?

A little migrant African girl behind barbed wire near Calais, France? So, this is what it looks like to be a human being in this Twenty First century? Erecting walls everywhere against your fellow human brothers? What is this world we are living in? You cannot “welcome all the misery in the world”? But, you can start … More What is this?

French Kiss

I am not a prude, or at least not so much, but I hate public display of affection, a quick kiss or holding hands is fine with me, but don’t flaunt your French kissing skills in front of me. I just hate that. Public transport in Europe, and especially in France, has always been a … More French Kiss