My name is Luka

Suzanne Vega Luka Lyrics2

Can you believe that I have been liking this Suzanne Vega’s song since it was released in 1987, and it is only today, 29 years later, that I realize what it is talking about?

To my defence, though, English is not my first language and when a song is not written in French, I will not really grasp its full meaning unless I pay a particular attention to it.

Which, apparently I hardly do!

It is such a beautiful song that just hearing the melody again this Sunday afternoon was enough for me to feel better.

I don’t know what it is with Sundays; it is just not a day like the other days. I used to hate Sundays, when I was younger, the whole boredom of it being too much for me!

And it is strange, this feeling I have on this particular day of the week, because I usually like being alone, not doing anything in particular, except writing, or reading or watching TV.

But on Sundays, my regular activities will just not seem enough again, and I will feel a particular emptiness, that I will never experience on a Saturday for example, even if my schedule is no different!

Sunday used to be a day where all my questions about the meaning of life will gain more acuity: Who are we? Where are we coming from? Where are we going? And I will feel kind of desperate.

Nowadays, since I got married and gave birth actually, there is no more despair, just a slight melancholy.

Perhaps I should go to Church on Sundays like everybody does here to fill energized and peaceful at the same time.

I did not go to Church though, but as I was hearing Suzanne Vega’s song, Luka, I was thinking about God. I was thinking that I was grateful that music was given to us, and love, and empathy.

One of my sister’s favourite quote is one from Nietzsche: “without music, life would be a mistake”

I think this is so true. As I was listening to Suzanne Vega’s song, I was feeling a connection to her and to my fellow human beings and finally understanding the lyrics for the first time, I felt the need to drop a few words here for those who are going through domestic abuse at this very moment.

For you who have been raped, for you who have been abused by a loved one perhaps, for you who have been neglected, left alone, stripped of your dignity,

Those thoughts are for you. Even if you are not reading me, I know you will hear me somehow:

You are not alone.

I am here with you.

I love you.

We are all here with you. We all love you.

May you find the courage to break the cycle of violence, to break free and accept our embrace.

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