Not the 8th of March yet!



I know it is not the 8th of March yet, not even close! But do we really need to wait that long to celebrate Women? I cannot remember what I was looking for on the internet but one thing leading to another I came across several sites listing amazing inventions by female inventors.

Did you know that the following 7 inventions came from women’s brains. Not that it should matter really, but considering the lack of acknowledgement we sometimes suffer from as women, it is always good to set some records straight!

  1. The flat bottom paper shopping bag, by Margaret Knight, in the late 19th century.

And to think that nobody thought about that before! People were using flat envelope!


2. The lightweight, stronger than steel fibre known as Kevlar and used for bulletproof vest, by Stephanie Kwolek, in 1965.

Can we ever thank you enough, Stephanie,  for the number of lives saved!




3. The non-reflective glass used today for eyeglasses, car windshields and computer screens, by Katharine Blodgett, around 1938.

Just brilliant! Plus perfect to take a selfie with!



4. The Monopoly, originally called The Landlord’s Game, by Elizabeth Magie, in 1904.

Certainly one of the most played board game. Much more than a children game, though. According to my daughter, you can actually learn a lot about business and strategy! And we can play with our own version, here, with the City of Lagos Edition, since 2012.


Picture culled from


5. The windshield wipers, the first manual ones were invented by Mary Anderson, in 1903.

Very clever. But quite elementary for the 21st century. I wonder why nobody has come up with something more sophisticated, like a warming glass that will dry by itself, or something more effective against the rain than my idea*!

*ok, my bad. Warming glass is not my idea at all. Defrosting systems already exist! I spend too much time under the sun, I presume! But still, I find windshield wipers quite archaic. I cannot think of a better idea, though!




6. Telecommunications technology. Dr Shirley Jackson’s breakthrough scientific research in the seventies laid the ground for further inventions like touch tone telephone, fiber optic cables, caller ID, call waiting…

Wow! What a great mind!



7. CCTV as we know it is based on a system invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1969.

The idea of being under surveillance 24/7 does not really appeal to me, but it has become a necessary evil.


I like the fact that the two last women are black female inventors!

Kudos to all of you, girls!


See more unexpected Female Inventors on BuzzFeed here.

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3 thoughts on “Not the 8th of March yet!

    1. You are right, Adichie. Sometimes,though, I feel that we should not define ourselves as black or as women but only as Human beings, but until discrimination ceases, we still need too, I suppose. And it is part of who we are anyway.

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