French Kiss


I am not a prude, or at least not so much, but I hate public display of affection, a quick kiss or holding hands is fine with me, but don’t flaunt your French kissing skills in front of me. I just hate that. Public transport in Europe, and especially in France, has always been a nightmare for me, because a lot of people there behave like they are alone in their bedroom and I always feel so uncomfortable about it.

Nigeria is the perfect country for me, because you would hardly see couples displaying their intimacy like that. Actually, the only people that will be holding hands are always same sex boys or girls. Which is quite funny. I once saw in Lagos, two policemen spontaneously holding hands while crossing the street. I found it very touching as I imagined how they grew up together in their village and came to Lagos to make a living and here they were, grown men now, but still sharing their everlasting friendship through this simple gesture as they used to a long time ago.

I am sometimes alarmed at the flood of pornography to which our young children are subjected to, through television or on the Internet. Even without looking for it, you will just stumble upon one suggestive picture or the other. However, it seems to me that somebody is doing his job out there, in the Word Wide Web, nowadays, because I am browsing a lot lately, and actually, I am not subjected to unwanted, nightmare visions as before, or is it that the default parameters on my Safari are just on point!

Anyways, it always pays to speak out and fight for a little sanity. I remember a few years back, when DSTV was airing its popular programme, Big Brother Africa, some diligent parents complained until the show was moved to a dedicated channel and you had to voluntarily subscribe to it to be able to access it. Which was a sensible move from the television company as not everybody enjoys being invited in some random people’s bedroom!

4 thoughts on “French Kiss

  1. In Europe, I’ve only witnessed such behaviour from teenagers and young adults. And occasionally by honeymooners but I usually let that pass. I guess it’s one of those illusions of love kids adapt from movies: kissing in the rain etc.


    1. Hello, rescatooor, I suppose you are right: when it is innocent like that it doesn’t bother me. It is when a couple behaves like they are acting for an adult film that I see it as a lack of respect for other passengers.

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  2. I too was surprised when I arrived to Lagos to see men comfortably holding hands as they are talking or/and walking in a non-romantic way, just out of pure friendship. It’s something I’ve never seen in the country I grew up in, in Europe.


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