The Future is here

I cannot help but be fascinated by High Tech innovations. People of my generation will remember that year 2000 was supposed to bring around flying cars and supersonic planes jetting us from one continent to another in minutes. Although we are not there at all, technology is taking giant leaps all the same. The Internet … More The Future is here

World Peace

When asked what their dearest wish is, beauty pageants all over the world are expected to answer: World Peace. And this reply is laughed at because it is considered so flat and dull, but come to think about it, is there any better wish than this one? However, considering the fact that war and disagreement … More World Peace

On migrants again

When I heard about migrants again this July on the news, I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, because every summer, journalists will come up with a favourite subject that they will toy with like a dog with a bone, until exhaustion. Last year, it was Lampedusa, Italy, which was in the limelight … More On migrants again

What is this?

A little migrant African girl behind barbed wire near Calais, France? So, this is what it looks like to be a human being in this Twenty First century? Erecting walls everywhere against your fellow human brothers? What is this world we are living in? You cannot “welcome all the misery in the world”? But, you can start … More What is this?

When our wildest dreams become reality

Famous Belgian cartoonist, Hergé, wrote: “By believing in his dreams, man turns them into reality” and indeed, his popular character, Tintin, was the first to walk on the moon, before moon landing became a reality in 1969. Do you remember as the series 24 hours with Kiefer Sutherland surprised everybody by featuring a black president … More When our wildest dreams become reality