The Dutch experiment (From L’Express Magazine)

The Dutch Experiment-L'Express
The Dutch Experiment-L’Express

Concealing the cover of the Bible as that of the Quran, two youtubers read the most violent passages to passers-by on the street to get their reactions. An experience that reveals ignorance of texts and prejudice.

Since the last attack of the Islamic State, “Islam is often accused of being a religion that advocates violence and that has no place in Western culture … But what about Christianity? “, questioned Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor, two Dutch youtubers from Dit Is Normaal channel. So, camera in hand, they went to the streets to read particularly violent passages of the Bible … Hidden under a cover of the Quran. The reactions of passers-by reveal not only an ignorance of religious texts but also a number of prejudices.

Among the passages used several are misogynist, homophobic or calling for cruel justice: “I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet” (1 Timothy 2:12), “If a man lie with a man, as a male lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death” (Leviticus 20:13). Both youtubers also read Deuteronomy (25:12), which calls for “cut off the hand” of a woman if she dares to touch “the shameful parts” of a man, even if it’s “to deliver her husband from the hand of who strikes him” reports The Huffington Post.

“Unbelievable that people can believe that!”

Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor then asked passers-by what they thought. “This is ridiculous”, “It’s amazing that people can believe that!”, “If you have been educated with this book and that kind of thinking, it will inevitably influence your thinking”, people interviewed replied.

Both youtubers then asked passers-by what were the main differences between the Bible and the Koran, according to them. “Hearing this, I would say that the Quran is more aggressive, particularly the section about “cutting hands”, offers one of them. “I think the Bible contains many positive passages “, “The biggest difference is the role of women,” argue two others, while a latter believes that “The Bible is less severe and a little more peaceful.” Others still have a broader reflection on religion in general: “It pains me that some see absolute truth in old writings.”

“Well, we have a little surprise for you,” announced the two youtubers then, while revealing that the texts cited actually come from the Bible. “I was so prejudiced and to think that I am always trying not to be”, said a self-critical passer-by, while a woman tried to explain that “although she heard passages from the Bible when she was young and went to a Catholic school “, she had “no idea that this kind of things were present in the Bible.”

Culled from L’Express Magazine.


Here is the video of “The Holy Quran experiment”  if you have not seen it yet :