At Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery Entrance gate
Nike Art Gallery Entrance gate

Nike Art Gallery is one of the places in Lagos that I am never tired of visiting. Firstly, because of the owner, Nike (pronounce [nIkI] ), whose life is a very beautiful success story and whose smile and love for art is contagious.

Her gallery exhibits an incredible number of works of art among the finest you can find in Nigeria and believe me when I say that Nigerian artists are talented!

As you arrive at the door, you are already on another planet as the gate itself is a work from Nike:



When inside the courtyard, your eyes are drawn to the beautiful iron bulls that look like the guardians of the premisses and by the colorful chairs and tables in display:

From Nike Art Gallery - White bull
From Nike Art Gallery – White bull


From Nike Art Gallery - Colorful chairs and tables
From Nike Art Gallery – Colorful chairs and tables

If you are lucky, you will meet Nike herself who is often there to welcome visitors. I unfortunately couldn’t get the name of the artist that represented her below, but he has captured the essence of the gallery owner better than a picture!


Photographs are not usually allowed at the gallery, but Nike granted me permission to take some pictures that I am very happy to share with you here:

If you are living in Lagos and you have never been there, it is a shame! If not, please visit this must-see place next time you happen to be in Lagos. Lately a Café has been opened, so you can even plan to get some refreshments and spend a cool afternoon there.

Learn more about Nike Art Gallery here.

Their address:
Elegushi Beach Road, 2, Lekki, Nigeria
+234 813 154 8613
When you arrive at Lekki third roundabout, you turn right on Elegushi Beach Road. Before reaching the roundabout, you will see “Nike Art Gallery” written in big letters on the red roof of the Center.

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