The Prophecy by Fabrice Monteiro
The Prophecy by Fabrice Monteiro

A quick post, just to share with you this beautiful picture by photographer Fabrice Monteiro. I first saw his work at an Exhibition by AAF (African Artists’ Foundation) a few weeks ago at Eko Hotel, in Lagos, and I liked it a lot. Yesterday, I saw it again while driving by Falomo roundabout where the same photos are displayed in the street, and today, CNN Africa twitted the image as I was just connecting. If this is not a sign from the universe that I need to do something about it, what is?

I am just joking, but the truth is, I used to find all this fuss about sorting waste a concern for wealthy countries and wealthy people who have time on their hands, and not a priority for developing countries where the population has to struggle so much just to get one meal a day.

But driving through the streets of Lagos, you can not help but be disgusted by the garbage piles you will encounter all of a sudden along your way, although a lot is being done to sweep the streets and to keep Lagos clean.

I am not an expert, but from what I know this waste we have in such abundance could be used as an alternative source of Energy. I know waste management already exists in Nigeria, but I really wonder why more is not done about it.

“The Prophecy’ is a powerful title for a powerful picture. I love how with disgusting waste, an artist is able to create something so beautiful and meaningful.

As reported by CNN, the photographer worked with Senegalese Fashion and Costume Designer Doulsy Jah Gal. See more of Fabrice Monteiro’s work on CNN Page here

2 thoughts on “THE PROPHECY

  1. A country is just a name, a group of people make up a country…we cant keep waiting on the govt to make it ryt, the society id part of the problem. In dealing with waste management, everyone is a problem in slowing the growth in Nigeria. Sometimes, a person would see the sign board, “do not litter” and yet go against such….sometimes, on a journey one flings litters of dirt through the window of his/her car…waste managing should be more like a habit or culture we all need to cultivate practicing, and encouraging.

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