Michelle Obama wardrobe

Michelle Obama and family
Michelle Obama and family

I know that this is really a frivolous topic, but frivolity is also part of who I am, so I will not make excuses for it! I used to be obsessed with Michelle Obama’s sense of style and I used to check  a blog called Mrs O., everyday, to get a glimpse at what she was wearing. I have stopped now, partly because the blogger was no longer posting pictures and also because I got tired of it. But as the Obamas reign is coming to an end, I thought I would dedicate a post to this queen of fashion.

Once, I told my older daughter that soon, the C.I.A. will add my name on one of their lists for constantly keeping track of Michelle Obama’s every move. She just shook her head and told me: Don’t worry, Mom, they will not put you on any list for looking for dresses! Her underlying message being: Get a life, Mom!

I think Michelle Obama is the best dressed first lady among the ones I know. For me, she has even dethroned Jacky Kennedy, which is not a small feat. Yes she is not always so chic, because she will show her arms or even her entire shoulder but this is precisely what I like about her. Her boldness. She always dare a step further but without going too much over the top. She is quite talented at this balancing act!

What I like about Michelle Obama however is not only her flair for fashion, but also the fact that she is a beauty with a brain. She is a lawyer, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, and everybody knows the joke she made at a restaurant where she was having dinner with her husband: they encountered an old boyfriend of hers, and Barack Obama, a little boastful, told Michelle: you wouldn’t be a first lady today if you had married that guy. And Michelle, unfazed, replied: if I had married him, he would have been the president now! (Well, apparently, this is an old joke that resurfaces with every American first lady, as it was attributed to Hillary Clinton previously! But I must say that I can picture Michelle Obama very well in that role).

Some people blame her for not using her brain enough as a first lady, but I like the fact that she decided not to be overbearing and to take a back seat. Her husband was elected, not her and I don’t see why she should have been at the forefront.

I like the ObamaCare idea, even if I can understand that people can get irritated to be compelled by law to get an health insurance, but I don’t agree with Barack Obama foreign policies, with wars raging everywhere under his watch, but I must say that the couple and their two daughters are the picture perfect family and they have managed to go through eight years of presidency without a major scandal!

So, here are some of Michelle Obama outfits that I particularly like  :

Day wear:


Evening wear:


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