Christmas gift

There was a time when some children, guilty of some minor mischief, would be awaiting Santa Claus anxiously, not knowing if he will judge them deserving enough to receive a gift. Those times are long gone, as you don’t need to be a good boy or a good girl anymore to get the latest PlayStation, or … More Christmas gift

About mixed marriages

For the longest time, I thought that I will end up marrying a white man, because I was quite a strong Feminist in my young age and I could not see myself adopting the kind of submissive behavior that some African men still expect from their wives. Especially concerning house chores. You are not around when … More About mixed marriages

At Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is one of the places in Lagos that I am never tired of visiting. Firstly, because of the owner, Nike (pronounce [nIkI] ), whose life is a very beautiful success story and whose smile and love for art is contagious. Her gallery exhibits an incredible number of works of art among the finest you … More At Nike Art Gallery