Anything for the boys?*


was at this Etisalat office the other day to buy a new sim card and I was quite impressed by the young lady who took care of me.

She was all smiles and she kept reassuring the waiting customers that she would soon be available for them.

Her technical skills were on point too: she went expertly through my Samsung phone to adjust different settings. I was very happy with the experience, as customer care is not really a forte in Lagos.

I was even gifted 4000N free calls!

But, as I was about to leave the shop, the efficient lady ruined everything for me by greeting me goodbye with this last question:

Anything for Etisalat?




* Anything for the boys: for those of you who are not familiar with this expression, you will find a good explanation in this article written by Oguche Agudah at (Nigeria Development & Finance Forum): here.

– Naijalingo dictionary by Adim Ofunne is also very handy for Nigerian idioms: here.


Please, share your own experience, good or bad, with customer care in Nigeria:


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