About mixed marriages

For the longest time, I thought that I will end up marrying a white man, because I was quite a strong Feminist in my young age and I could not see myself adopting the kind of submissive behavior that some African men still expect from their wives. Especially concerning house chores. You are not around when … More About mixed marriages

At Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is one of the places in Lagos that I am never tired of visiting. Firstly, because of the owner, Nike (pronounce [nIkI] ), whose life is a very beautiful success story and whose smile and love for art is contagious. Her gallery exhibits an incredible number of works of art among the finest you … More At Nike Art Gallery


Well, no need to pressure me, I fully admit it: I am hooked to Indian films! Actually, it is more about Indian television soaps, and not even in the plural. At the moment I am just infatuated with this series from 2005 called Saloni, which is the name of the main female character. Do I … More Saloni


A quick post, just to share with you this beautiful picture by photographer Fabrice Monteiro. I first saw his work at an Exhibition by AAF (African Artists’ Foundation) a few weeks ago at Eko Hotel, in Lagos, and I liked it a lot. Yesterday, I saw it again while driving by Falomo roundabout where the same … More THE PROPHECY

Run For a Cure

  I had a great weekend thanks to the run I took part in on Saturday. Well, I am using the words « took part in» very loosely as I didn’t really run, but at least I was there to cheer the winners up when they were receiving their trophies! The event, called Run for a … More Run For a Cure

Building wealth

I read this startling information the other day, on Yahoo news: Education is not a sure way to overcome poverty as far as African Americans are concerned. According to that article*, in several cases, African American university graduates are not better off than their uneducated peers! I don’t support conspiracy theories against blacks but it … More Building wealth