What is this?

A little migrant African girl behind barbed wire near Calais, France? So, this is what it looks like to be a human being in this Twenty First century? Erecting walls everywhere against your fellow human brothers? What is this world we are living in? You cannot “welcome all the misery in the world”? But, you can start … More What is this?

When our wildest dreams become reality

Famous Belgian cartoonist, Hergé, wrote: “By believing in his dreams, man turns them into reality” and indeed, his popular character, Tintin, was the first to walk on the moon, before moon landing became a reality in 1969. Do you remember as the series 24 hours with Kiefer Sutherland surprised everybody by featuring a black president … More When our wildest dreams become reality

French Kiss

I am not a prude, or at least not so much, but I hate public display of affection, a quick kiss or holding hands is fine with me, but don’t flaunt your French kissing skills in front of me. I just hate that. Public transport in Europe, and especially in France, has always been a … More French Kiss